Our specialists provide quantitatively-oriented solutions to problems in diverse fields, including: management, finance, marketing, psychology, quality control, reliability, health care.

   What do we mean by quantitative-oriented solutions? How is this different from management consulting? Or business analytics? Or statistical consulting? Or quantitative finance? Our goal is to borrow from each of these fields and design a custom-made broad method of solving real problems using quantitative tools. Our computationally-savvy team keeps up to date with quantitative research without losing common sense and touch with the business world.

   In a world with data collection systems in place and expanding, and internet orientation, being able to use data to gain insight, make decisions and generate ideas is a must for any business, of any size. What once was regarded as the attribute of lab scientists and academic researchers is now ubiquitous and a useful tool for anybody who is searching for knowledge. Since knowledge is power, we think that quantitative methods are the way of the future!

   We take pride in:

  • Truly listening to the client, learning as much as we can about the client’s broader context, and working together with the client to define the specifications and parameters of the project
  • Helping the client scope the problem and even generate new ways to learn from the available data, as well as new ways to design for and collect new data
  • Keeping the client informed and involving the client in every step of the consulting process
  • Selecting the most effective method to solve the problem
  • Keeping it simple and efficient
  • Communicating the results and recommendations effectively, in an interactive way, so that the client derives maximum benefits from the project and walks away with new personal knowledge to employ in future endeavors
   We regard each project as a learning experience for both us and the client! If you are curious what we can do for you, contact us! We provide a free intro session to get to know each other and generate ideas!